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Eat Prey Love (2016)

I had the privilege of taking part in the first-ever Animation Base Camp, a trainee programme in Glasgow with mentors from Sony Pictures Animation, during July to September 2016. It focused on creating visual development art and an animatic for an original idea directed by David Feiss. I worked as a storyboard artist, creating ideas and gags for the project.

The story revolves around odd-couple animals at a therapist’s office.

Final / Work-In-Progress Scenes:




Additional Gag Ideas:

Bear Gag

Shark Gags

The Gaelic King (2017)


Scots warrior-king, Alpin, must fight to rescue his brother and regain the kingdom of Dalriata.

The Gaelic King is an independent feature I was a story and concept artist on. Truffle Pictures has recently closed distribution deals for the film across North America, the UK, Japan, Italy and the Middle East.

Follow updates on the project here.

Prologue Animatic

King Eachdach tries to make peace between his people, the Gaels, and the Picts, ruled by King Unust.

Story Art by Amanda Aiken
Edited by Philip Todd
Voiceover by Jake McGarry and John Walkinshaw

Flashback #1 Animatic

Lachlan tells the story of King Conall and the sorcerer Olc-Mor.

Story Art by Amanda Aiken
Edited by Philip Todd
Voiceover by Laurence Whitley

Thumbnails and Selected Images

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Flashback #3 Storyboard

Selkie – Personal Project

Inspired by the Scottish myth of the Selkie, this is a personal story I’ve been working on. This is a rough pass, from some (even rougher!) thumbnails I did before. The characters, shots and cuts are all in development. It’s quite a long board.

Pigeon Crumbs – Personal Project

A storyboard about a pigeon who finds the mother of all crumbs, but discovers eating it isn’t all that simple …

Based on a true story!

Sound effects copyright BBC


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